Home is where I am comfortable, secure and familiar - Kim (South Africa)

Home is where the heart is. For me, it is the place that is filled with all good things in life – my close ones, many wonderful memories, lessons learnt in life adorned with love, trust, hope, understanding and respect. In the end it is where I can unwind and be myself, and go to bed each night with a smile on my face.

- Vineeta (India)

Home has always been where my laptop stands. I have a small addition to that now since 2 years. Its also the place where I will be together with my girlfriend. ;)

- Ewout (The Netherlands - living in China)

Home is a place which is specifically yours, your space, place where you feel yourself comfortable

- Anja (Russia)

Home is not about the 'stuff' inside the house but about the 'stuff' inside me. I feel like I didn't know where home was until I met my husband. I feel like my home is with him and wherever we are. I feel like family (especially now that Olivia has joined our family) and the unconditional love (which breeds forgiveness) that is shared amongst us creates a home where we can be open. Really open.

- Jennifer (USA - living in Kyrgyzstan)

Home for me is a mixture of people, place and memories. Hong Kong is my home at the moment but it is more of a home because of childhood memories of living here. But I don’t think you can ever match the “home” of your own country: knowledge of how things work, people’s sense of humour, shared history. It’s why ex-pats group together. They often think they’re escaping their own culture but end up becoming more “British” for example than they would be at home, joining various clubs etc.

  1. -John (UK - living in Hong Kong)

Home is where my loved one is, so for me, home is where Erik is. My parents' place will always be home for me as well but now I have my own home with Erik.

- Connie (China)

Safety - Patrick (France - living in The Netherlands)

Calm, warm, peaceful, laptop connects to own wifi - Katrin & Baldur (Estonia)

Home is where you feel comfortable with the members who live in and enjoy cleaning and sleeping. Home is that you feel it is yours, just not having a key to enter! and if someone said “get out of my house” that is not a home! - Sam (Thailand - living in Lithuania)

Monday, January 18, 2010

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thuis…..wat betekent thuis,
de warme huls van eigen
de geur en smaak van ons
je voelsprieten in rust
in je hart klinken carillons
de liefde om je heen
voelt als heldere wolken
je zwemt er dwars doorheen
het zuigt als draaikolken
thuis is als de zon die altijd warmt
de maan die rust zal brengen
de sterren die je doen opleven
en familie en vrienden doen vermengen
thuis is alles, onvoorwaardelijk
voor elkander klaar te staan
thuis is kostbaar, koester het
thuis is meer dan ‘naar huis toe gaan’

elle van Zelst-Franken
17 augustus 2009
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